E Formation deliver superior results for medical professionals looking to facilitate the coordination and setup of their new medical practice.

Imagine a no-stress approach throughout your complete business setup.  The success of your medical practice, coupled with a healthy work-life balance is of significant importance to me, as well as to your working environment. 

Having worked in the area for many years, I am well aware of the long hours we dedicate to the health profession alone.  

This combined with the paperwork, utilities, office layout, furniture, equipment, communication, medical software (to name a few) can be exhausting.

That’s why, as a specialised consultancy, I am able to coordinate and organise your affairs in the most proficient and organised manner possible to restore confidence, trust and reliability in establishing your new business venture.

My process will save you time and money, and our success speaks for itself!

Innovative Medical Consultancy

My passion is to alleviate the pressures, time and stress surrounding practice start-ups.



Assisting medical professionals to prioritise and coordinate their new practice setup.


Why E . Formation works

Elisha Ackers is at the forefront of E.Formation’s innovative and specialised medical Consultancy Service.  Her aim is to provide a personalised service to help Medical Professionals achieve a successful Practice setup from initiation to fully operational.

Company Platform

Director and CEO, Elisha Ackers consistently provides a high quality service from the identity and branding of your business, as well as  complete consulting room and practice setup. Elisha maintains a personal 1-on-1 approach to devote maximum time to each and every client.



A Bespoke Approach

Prioritisation comes with organisation.  E.Formation is a leading innovative medical consultancy who successfully coordinate full business startup without the stress.  Our aim is to provide an efficient business model with a fresh, vibrant and enthusiastic approach.


Template Elisha identified the need to develop a specialised medical consultancy service and individual assistance for medical practice start-ups. 01 The next step was to expand her 1-on-1 advice and assistance, to include a comprehensive, wide range of medical consultancy services. 02 Next, Elisha developed a business startup model to consistently provide personalised, tailored services for busy medical professionals. 03 Today, E Formation assist with complete medical consultancy start-up, from initiation through to successful completion. 04 Elisha has passionately worked her way up the medical ranks. She is now consulting and actively involved in the facilitation and development of new practices. 05 Passionately commited to the success of each project undertaking, Elisha will work closely with you to achieve your business vision. 06



Were you aware that E Formation provide medical professionals with an independent personalised consultancy for full business startup initiatives.


Passion & Commitment 

E . Formation is committed to excellence within each project undertaking.  We work with you to achieve your business vision.



My name is Elisha Ackers, and I have passionately worked within the medical field and risen through the ranks of medical practice management.



Let me help you to start anew with enthusiastic energy for the future of your practice.  Please get in touch to arrange a professional consultation today.


With prioritisation comes organisation and a commitment to succeed.


Innovative Medical Consultancy

 My goal is to partner with you as a Medical Professional to facilitate the coordination of your new business setup.


E . Formation Process

Medical Professionals definitely benefit from our independent, tailored and personalised service. E . Formation have designed and streamlined the entire setup and practice fitout process.  The success of your practice is important, therefore Elisha maintains active involvement, working closely with you until completion.




Career Reclassification Services

In Consultation

Elisha Ackers, Director and professional consultant for E . Formation will meet with you in person to discuss all aspects of your medical practice and your personal requirements.  This includes provision for all of your business systems and infrastructure requirements to find the best fit solutions.

Career Reclassification Services

Work Methodology

E . Formation will put forward ideas and a solid recommendation to implement your practice requirements.  This includes preparation of a detailed company proposal outlining the timeframe, process and inclusions as outlined in Consultation.  We will work closely together to implement all solutions through to completion.