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I was searching for a way to express my passions and ambitions within the medical field. From personal assistant through to practice manager, I advanced my skills in new business setup. 

It was here I discovered the missing piece in my journey.  Everything we do in life leads us on a path.  I didn’t know it yet, but this was just the beginning.

Elisha Ackers . CEO | Director

Elisha Ackers . CEO | Director

I have always been ‘on the go’ as it were. Always wanting that little bit more.. I am often referred to as a social butterfly who instantly brings a smile to your face and making you feel at ease within the first couple of minutes. Adventurous, but practical, and realistic. No dream is too big, or vision that cannot be translated to success within your own reality.

I love meeting new people, acquiring knowledge, and hearing their story.  Often I get to meet a broad range of people through socialising and business networking, and I use this to further the potential for my next client.


My vision is for E Formation to partner with you as a Medical Professional, to facilitate the coordination of your new business. The success of your medical career, along with a healthy work-life balance, is of significant importance to me.  I am well versed in the long hours dedicated to the health profession alone, and then there is the paperwork which can be insurmountable when building a business. 

That in itself, can be both daunting and exhausting …

My aim is to coordinate and organise the affairs of your practice within a specialised medical business model, and one that will establish confidence, trust and reliability for your new business venture, today and well into the future.

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It is my passion to ‘take the load off’ in terms of the pressures, time and stress surrounding the idea of opening or starting a new business. This can be very daunting for already time restricted health professionals. Prioritisation comes with organisation, something that I can provide in coordination with you.  E Formation will have you up, running and established with a clean and fresh new practice which exudes enthusiastic energy and inspires success.

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